Conventional Photoelectric Smoke Detector JB-S878 [ Back ]

● 2 or 4 wire models
● Dual LEDs for 360° visibility
● Advanced detection and discrimination algorithms
● Easy installation and maintenance
● Sleek low-profile housing design
● Durable sensor head. No need for replacement
● SMD circuit board design
● Satisfactory quality and reliability guaranteed
● Normally-closed (N/C) -Normally-open(N/O) selectable relay output
● Five-year limited warranty
● Dimensions:  Ø100 X 48 mm




 2 or 4 wire models
 Dual LEDs for 360° visibility
 Advanced detection and discrimination algorithms
 Easy installation and maintenance
 Sleek low-profile housing design
 Durable sensor head. No need for replacement
 SMD circuit board design
 Satisfactory quality and reliability guaranteed
 Normally-closed (N/C) -Normally-open(N/O) selectable relay output
● Five-year limited warranty
● Dimensions:  Ø100 X 48 mm