Special for RV Carbon Monoxide Alarm E02 [ Back ]

Dual USB intelligent fast charge, 3.1A automatic shunt, multiple intelligent protection.

Concentration of carbon monoxide and battery voltage alternating LCD display, LED lights indicate different status.

High and low car battery sound and light alarm

Sound and light alarm of exceeding carbon monoxide concentrations. With functional test button.

Product failu「e or end-of-life sound and light alarm.

Product design life of 10 years .



Model: E02

Input voltage: DC 12-24V

Quiescent current: <3mA

Alarm current: <30mA

USB output voltage/current: DC 5V/3.1A

Alarm sound level: ≥85dB/m

Low battery warning: ≤11.5±0.1V

High battery warning: ≥15±0.1V

Dimensions(LxWxH): 85x31x 99 mm

Alarm time and concentration to 

carbon monoxide gas (acc. to standard: EN50291)


Multi Functions:

-USB fast charge

-Detection of carbon monoxide in car

-High and low car battery warning